bow collective award

It is an honor to be a part of a sisterhood of the top 1% Black women owned businesses! We recently held our third annual BOW Conference in Destin, Florida where we experienced a #paradigmshift

The Focus:
Capital, contracts and community

The Stats:
⁃ Inducted over 70 new members
⁃ Total collective of 200+
⁃ 4 countries
⁃ 30 industries
⁃ 1.2 billion dollars in revenue

The Bottom Line:
We are job creators, innovators and ready to take action.

One of our priorities is to make sure that Black women business owners have the support they need to scale their businesses, hire employees and continue to impact their communities.

Thank you to our partners MassMutual, JP Morgan Chase, Acuity Events, HR&Co, Potomac Hospitality Group, Life & Legacy Counselors, Answer Title, Cober Johnson & Romney, George Street Services Inc, The MECCA Group LLC, First Financial Group, Cushman Wakefield, Cultivate Advisors, Pinnacle Financial Partners, Paramount, and Pinterest, who not only understand the vision but play a special role in it.

Thank you to our Founder Nic Cober for executing on your vision.

There is POWER in community and BOW is living proof.

#thebowcollective #businesscommunity #womenempowerment

Watch the video below for an inside look at how we BOW!