MBDA U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Health Products and Services 
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The U.S. Department of Commerce MBDA's MED Week Minority Award: A Beacon of Excellence in Healthcare

The U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week Award is a pinnacle of recognition for minority-owned firms in the United States. Instituted by the MBDA, the award is part of the agency's ongoing mission to promote the growth and global competitiveness of businesses owned and operated by minority entrepreneurs.

Origin and Importance

The MED Week Awards were inaugurated to spotlight the outstanding achievements and leadership of minority business owners across a spectrum of industries. The Healthcare Products and Services category is especially crucial, given the role these enterprises play in addressing healthcare disparities and advancing medical innovations. The awards serve to acknowledge and encourage firms that demonstrate excellence and serve as role models in their communities.

Selection Criteria: The Pursuit of Innovation and Service

Winners of the MED Week Minority Award for Healthcare Products and Services are selected based on several stringent criteria. These include the quality, innovativeness, and impact of the products or services they provide. The selection process also considers how the business contributes to job creation and sustains economic stability within minority communities.

A Testament to Minority Achievement

Receiving the MED Week Award is a significant accolade for a minority firm. It symbolizes the resilience, excellence, and economic empowerment of minority entrepreneurs. Moreover, it reinforces the firm's reputation, opening doors to new business opportunities, partnerships, and access to essential resources.

Vanessa Best and Precision HealthCare: A Story of Triumph

Vanessa Best, the CEO of Precision HealthCare, was bestowed with this prestigious award in 2021, a year marred by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Under her leadership, Precision HealthCare innovated and improved healthcare delivery amidst this crisis, particularly shining in three critical areas:

1. Mental Health Disparity: Precision tackled the growing mental health crisis exacerbated by the pandemic, especially in the South Bronx, the poorest urban congressional district in the country. Vanessa Best's team partnered with the U.S. Department of Labor to provide mental health and wellness services to adolescents at Job Corps Centers, addressing the immediate needs for prevention, early detection, and crisis intervention.

2. Personal Assistant Services (PAS): Precision was at the forefront, offering PAS as mandated by Section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act. Their commitment to providing skilled assistants for federal employees with disabilities ensured that the workforce continued to thrive, whether from home or in the office.

3. Safety: During a time when personal protective equipment was scarce, Precision HealthCare stepped up to supply PPE for essential infrastructure projects. Their involvement in the Long Island Rail Road expansion project was critical in safeguarding the health and safety of the workforce.

Vanessa Best's leadership and Precision HealthCare's dedication to service and innovation during a time of unprecedented challenge make this award well-deserved. It's not just a win for the company but a beacon of hope and a benchmark for the healthcare industry during the toughest of times. This recognition stands as a powerful testament to the role minority-owned businesses play in not only advancing healthcare but also in creating equitable, resilient communities.