Patient Statements

Patient Statements in just 5 Minutes
Producing paper statements is typically expensive and fraught with mistakes, risks, and headaches. Electronic alternatives, like email, make great business sense except Payers overwhelmingly still demand paper. In fact, most analysts estimate 95-98% of all statements are still printed and mailed. Most Billers are left waiting for consumers to request electronic statements. Wait no longer.

Where Billers and Payers Win
You produce your statements in just 5 minutes
...saving you several hours every month
Payers receive high quality paper statements

How Does BillFlash Work? Simply....
  1. You upload your existing business software's statement file to BillFlash through your internet browser 24x7. You're done in 5 minutes!
  2. We produce your statements at one of our regionally located, state of the art processing centers.
  3. We mail your statements through the US Postal Service by the next business day.
  4. Payers receive timely, high quality statements in their mailboxes.

Through BillFlash your statements join more than 10,000,000 other critical statements produced each month at our facilities. Many Fortune 1,000 companies including Circuit City, ADP, Invesco, Marriott, Waste Management, Siemens, Wachovia, and GE, use these same processing centers.

Rest assured that your statements will be produced and delivered: Easily, Accurately, Securely, Cost-Effectively, On-time, Every time.

The BillFlash Bottom Line
  • Billers save time & money by eliminating paper handling
  • Payers receives timely, accurate, and high quality printed statements

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