Workforce Development Services

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Our team has a combination of over 20 years of training experience working various tools such as DiSC and, also noteworthy, we are a designated DiSC certified provider. Our customized training programs in leadership innovation utilizing various tools has developed the thinking and communication skills of 1,000’s in government, and has improved various workers, corporate and non-profits productivity enabling them to become superior within their organizations.

Team Precision Differentiators

  • Certified DiSC Certification along with various other assessment tools
  • Expertise working with All Levels of Employees - Union Workers, Administrators and C Suite
  • Integrate the Arts into Leadership and Innovation Lessons
  • Experience with working closely with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) has great bearing on our unique capabilities.

Union Workers, Administrators and C Suite

We have a long time relationship with Local 1199SEIU Training and Employment Fund working with Union and HealthCare Providers/Administrators. Our initial engagement began in 1998 when we were selected to provide Professional/Leadership training as part of the WIA grant (Workforce Investment Act). For several years our customized programs have provided training for union hospital workers in New York - Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Our most recent engagement with 1199SEIU is working with DSRIP Workforce in collaboration with Community Care of Brooklyn.

One of our team members, Dr. Cheng Zhu was Invited by the Eisenhower Fellowships (EF). She was instrumental in developing its first Global Leadership Program and Women Leadership Program, in which we created problem-based learning projects and facilitated field immersion experiences for outstanding EF fellows from over 50 countries. Integrating the latest research insights about cognitive psychology and social-emotional development from Harvard and the best practices in neuroscience and theater/Improv training, we created experiential projects, learning tools, and Improv team building exercises that helped leaders enhance their cognitive, decision-making, and leadership communication skills, which have received highly positive client testimonials.

Arts into Leadership and Innovation Lessons

Our team member Dr Cheng Zhu previous professional appointments include: Research Associate at the Harvard Business School, Research Assistant at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Center for Public Leadership, Faculty at the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and Senior Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership. She was the first Asian to be elected President of the Harvard Graduate Student Government, and received the Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching and the Harvard Provost’s Outstanding Service Award. We incorporate the principles of adult learning and the tenets of improv comedy into program design and delivery. You will not only develop critical leadership competencies but also hone important social-emotional skills for greater leadership effectiveness.

Working closely with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

CCL is known globally as the gold standard in leadership development for executives. The Harvard Business School has published a case study about CCL, highlighting its experiential learning methodology, a unique approach to learning from the field, which represents the future of learning. This is different from traditional business schools’ teaching and learning methodologies and is a value add to our expertise with the training of our clients.