Precision Healthcare Consultants Case Studies

Precision Healthcare Consultants Case StudiesOver the past 10 years we have been happy to serve hundreds of medical practices and companies with affordable solutions to their healthcare practice management needs. Below is a small sampling of a few of our clients.Affordable Medisoft Medical Billing Software For Smaller PracticesTherapist Needed Affordable Software and Support. Many times we receive request thru the internet for Therapist in need of affordable and HIPAA compliant software solutions for billing. One delighted client says “I want to extend my thanks to you for your excellent service… Thanks also for the additional CD Daily Accounting Activities and the Training Manual” Roy B Nash M.DIIV.,LMFT., LCPC says “Know your commitment to “Precision customer Service” will bring to you and others great surprises of abundant success.”Medisoft Medical Billing Software for Larger PracticesMedical Clinic Needed Software for two satellite locations that was user friendly and could automate appointments for over 15 providers and 10 end-users. The US Family Health Plan (USFHP) is a military health plan sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD) and offered through Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers. They have been providing comprehensive health care for military families and retirees for over 20 years. Precision HealthCare Consultants after providing assessment of the clinics’ needs, developed a package including computerized appointment scheduler (Office Hours Professional) Medisoft Network Professional with multiple user licenses along label maker for charting. Customized training sessions were provided at Hands on Computer Lab. One Administrative Session followed by End User Sessions was well received. The clinics supplemented onsite training sessions with their www.usfhp.netMedical Billing ServicesNYC Upper East Side Doctor Needed Professional Medical Billing Services. NYC Physician, previous Director of Occupational Health Services, left NYC Hospital to start private practice in 1995. Physician contracted with Precision HealthCare Consultants to provide Managed Care Analysis, Electronic Billing, Patient Statements and Follow-up Billing. Precision HealthCare Consultants has effectively worked with the practice to realize increased revenues by 400%. Dr has since been in contract with Precision for 10 years!!Marketing for Medical ProvidersA medical technology company specializing in the development, manufacture of medical devices for physician’s offices and hospitals need national marketing fee analysis for prospective doctors. NorthEast Sales Representative after seeing analysis report done for billing client of Precision HealthCare Consultants contacted our company to provided analysis for prospective clients in the country. We researched top insurance carriers for the region and then developed fee schedule comparison for physicians based on machine purchase or rental from Medical Technology Company. These reports were then used for marketing by sales representatives when they entered a region. www.sunlightmedical.comHIPAA Assessments and Consultations​IME (Independent Medical Exams) Company Needed HIPAA Assessment- An Independent Medical Exam (IME) is a medical evaluation that documents the worker’s condition. A wide variety of doctors are approved to perform IMEs. IMEs allow the department to give appropriate assistance to workers and make fair administrative decisions about their claims. Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996. One of its goals was to simplify the health care administrative process by standardizing electronic transactions in the health care industry. HIPAA also includes provisions to protect the security of health records stored or transmitted electronically, and provisions to protect the privacy of health records used and disclosed by health care providers, health care clearinghouses, and health plans.Since 1996, the federal Department of Health and Human Services has passed rules that describe what changes are required, deadlines for their implementation, and what penalties will be imposed for non-compliance. Because of this need an IME company needed to review their practices and office to ensure compliance. Precision HealthCare Consultants did assessment and provided privacy and security manuals that outlined procedures in place to ensure compliancy.